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澳门电子游戏网址大全:Securities theme funds continued to slump Merchants Securities B fell 30% a month

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内容摘要: The broader market entered the adjustment phase of adjustment, equity fund is still the best performing product; 1544 funds recorded negati...

The broader market entered the adjustment phase of adjustment, equity fund is still the best performing product; 1544 funds recorded negative returns, securities, information security, military and other related theme funds performance is relatively weak.

Year approaching, the broader market seems ready to greet the New Year, stop falling, hovering between 3250-3300 points, this week Shanghai Composite Index edged up 0.23%. Against this background, equity funds have once again become the best performers in public funds with weak advantages. After new base gold

removed the last month was established, punctuation Institute of Finance jointly "Investment Times" for the past week (ended December 21) 6693 fund rate of return (different share calculated separately) conducted a statistical and Ranking. The results show that in the past week the sample as a whole received a positive return with an average yield of 0.27%.

Among them, the average yield of equity funds was 0.42%, the best performing; QDII Fund's average yield was 0.34%, followed by The average yield of was 0.11%, while the performance of partial debt funds was almost a week Bottom, the average yield of 0.09%.

Less than 70% of the funds made positive gains in the past week, while only 11% more than 5% weekly products. One of the highest gains is Oriental Yue pure debt A, the weekly yield was 15.55%. Followed by Oriental Zhen Yue pure debt C, the weekly yield was 15.27%. Ranked third in the Everbright Year A, weekly yield of 10.58%. Punctuate financial researcher viewers historical net, found that the three medium-and long-term net debt rose in a single day, the reason, or the occurrence of large redemptions.

Food and beverage Food and beverage Plate has a good performance, the theme of the fund into the top ten list of gains or 4, for the investment card B, Yinhua Food and Beverage A, Yinhua Food C, Cathay China Securities food and beverage B, the weekly rate of return of 6.53%, 6.44%, 6.44%, 6.15%, followed by ranked sixth or seventh, eighth, tenth.

In addition, the top ten list of gains or there Ping An Huaxin Lee, Founder Fubon card Insurance B, Zhongrong card coal B, the weekly rate of return is above 6.2%. Over the past week, 1,544 funds recorded negative returns, accounting for over 20%. The worst performer was China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd., whose weekly decline was -6.15%. Recent securities sector continued to decline, the product has fallen 28.74% in the past month, the other securities themed products decline is relatively high.

Followed by the long letter Canton Canton C, Chang letter Lee Kwong A, weekly yields were -5.53%, - 5.48%. Ranked fourth and fifth are CITIC Securities Information Security B, CNA Qianhai open source B, weekly yields were -5.39%, -5.35%. Prudential CSI TMT Industry B was 5.21% decline in the decline list sixth.

ranking list of the top ten list of Weifu China Renewables B, Warburg CSI 1000B, China Railway certificate B, China Post dual-power, the weekly decline in 4.83% are above.

QDII funds continued to rise in the past week. Compared with last week's overall good condition, the average yield of 206 included products was 0.34%. 127 of these products recorded positive returns, accounting for more than 60% of the total QDII products. From the type of investment point of view, Equity QDII funds in the past week the overall average yield of 0.45%, while the partial debt QDII funds relatively less, only last week recorded a 0.02% return.





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